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Stop paying too much for your voice, mobile, and data.

Without changing suppliers, reduce your telecom bills by up to 30 percent.

Software that delivers telecom savings

Kansoly is a source to pay telecom expense management management platform for business. Using Kansoly makes buying fast and delivers control for your mobile, fixed line, and data.


Gain and maintain control


Integrated expense management


Create competition fast in the cloud


Change how you buy

Get control. Know what you’re paying.

Create and maintain your telecom inventory easily. Get control with integrated reporting that refreshes your data automatically.

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Start a telecom eTender. Get results fast

Test the whole market for your telecom requirements. Kansoly writes telecom RFPs, invites suppliers, and evaluates their pricing. Completing the tender process in the cloud while delivering you real savings.

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Connect with the whole market not just your incumbent.


Invite telecomsuppliers and complete your analysis in the cloud.


Message suppliers your decision and exchange contracts with winner.

Add a telecom eAuction. Change how you buy.

Kansoly’s eAuction changes how you buy. Telecom suppliers bid to supply part or all your services. Kansoly tells you the best way to award contracts by splitting your services between suppliers or collaborating with other buyers. You get real cost reduction.

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“Customers are forced to buy from incumbents with local telco monopolies stopping real competition. With Kansoly, customers can group their demand. Allowing new suppliers to price like they do in their home markets. Not at the cost of entry.

Kansoly creates competition where it wasn’t possible before.”

Founder and CEO of Kansoly

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