Smarter telecom sourcing with eAuctions. Add more competition for your telecom spend

Add an eAuction to your telecom tender and change how you buy.

Kansoly’s eAuction lets you group split contract award to more than one telecom supplier.  And by collaborating with other telecom buyers you can create competition where before there was only one supplier.


Kansoly helps suppliers compete


Suppliers receive real time pricing and market position information. Giving them the ability to reduce prices. When an eAuction finishes suppliers know how competitive their pricing was, relative to other suppliers.

Contract the best way

Split Award

Kansoly tells you the best way to award contracts. Letting you know what cost benefit there is to split your services between suppliers.

Buyers get real cost reduction


Consider factors other than price, and put a value on them. Compare offers using both price and non-price factors.

Stop barriers to competition


Kansoly lets buyers work together with Auction Centers. Suppliers can make conditional offers for services where buyers have joined their demand. And when a supplier wins, invest in service infrastructure.

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