Today’s telco marketplace is a colourful one. Suppliers spruik their brand through sporting stadiums, billboards, and online popups. And while brands make it easier to find quality for consumers. They matter less for business.
For business’ the first step to buying is to explain exactly what they want. And then ignore brand signals. Broadcasting need widely to the market to find the best suppliers.
In the past buyers found it had to describe wants. Mail delivered bills. Copies were costly. Buyers who couldn’t describe what they needed avoided ‘lemons’ by buying big brands. Only buyers willing to invest in mining their bills for data could confidently consider other suppliers.
But the internet has changed that. Suppliers make bill data access easy. Now the challenge has shifted from getting data, to sorting data. Telco suppliers provide data using in-house formats. As each supplier’s format is different, buyers need to sort and standardise them.
It’s a task that automation can help with. By using online tools buyers can now rapidly translate suppliers’ different data formats into a standard. This lets them then invite and consider more suppliers. The result, more competition, and lower prices. Thanks to usable data and automation, bills and bill data are almost a pleasant experience.