Our Mission

To reduce telecom costs.

About Kansoly

Kansoly is a source to pay telecom expense management platform for business.

Our Philosophy

Simplicity. Transparency. Competition.

What We’ve Built

We’ve built software that helps you reduce your telecom costs

A note from Bruce, our CEO

When I first looked at how business’ bought telecom services everyone told me that buying from the biggest supplier was the quickest and easiest way. It meant you’d get national mobile and data coverage even if that cost more. In Australia that’s important because in the outback it can be a long way between drinks. And dealing with one supplier meant only one contract to sign and one bill to deal with.

But the problem with buying from one supplier is that you don’t benefit when someone else has a local price advantage. Buyers loose the ability to ‘cherry pick’. Also, more infrastructure can make coverage issues go away. A hundred years ago utility collectives were started by groups of customers. Today if buyers worked together then new suppliers could install infrastructure and bring prices down.

Kansoly is the result of those ideas. We’ve built software that lets buyers quickly compare prices for their telecom services. For buyers that want to drive extra value, our software lets them split contract award. For buyers that want to create more competition, our Auction Centers lets them buy with other companies.

We think that’s pretty clever and we hope you do too.

If you think you’re paying too much for your telecom services then Kansoly is the best way to find the real market. Give Kansoly a try. I’m confident you’ll be happy with the result.

Founder of Kansoly